Moods around a reduced fig

The figs were bought for the fact that they are figs. What to do with them, and how to prepare them, that was secondary. A couple of days ago they were on my plate as a contrast to the polish sausage, after being in a long heat bath with spices until the vodka was reduced.… Continue reading Moods around a reduced fig

Cuban, Polish, and Mine

Plantains are familiar to me in the Cuban context. The wish to relive the tastes of my childhood is often not enough, though. I cook them every so often, always combining the taste I know, with the taste I want. Although non-existent in my childhood, I like the wide array of taste in meats. Today… Continue reading Cuban, Polish, and Mine

Love Ingrained (some Breads)

Arepa (South America) Bagel (Polish, Jewish) Baguette (France) Biscotti (Italy) Brioche (France) Cornbread (American continent) Cornbread with Figs Crêpe (France) Croissant (France) Croutons (France) Dampfnudeln (Germany) Injera (Ethiopia, Eritrea) Matzo (Jewish) Muffin (United Kingdom) Panettone (Italy) Pita (Greece, Middle East) Pizza (Italy) Pretzel (Germany) Pumpernickel (Germany) Sangak (Iran) Scone (United Kingdom) Semmel/Brötchen (Germany) Waffle (Belgium)… Continue reading Love Ingrained (some Breads)