Prolonging Transcendental States

“Transcendent states are often desperately short-lived: a few moments late at night or at dusk; on a plane or train journey across wide open country. But we can, through certain ingredients (especially lavender, cardamom, turmeric, and cinnamon), access them a little more systematically and thereby loosen the grip of our insistent egos.”In “Thinking & Eating”,… Continue reading Prolonging Transcendental States

Multi-Dimensions of a Celebratory Day

Multitalented and multitasking frequently had a somewhat disturbing effect on my approach to life. I see it as inherently human to have a variety of abilities, talents, knowledge sources, and as equally natural to operate on a variety of levels and areas simultaneously. Hence, I find it a tad redundant pointing to these as exceptional… Continue reading Multi-Dimensions of a Celebratory Day