Repetition is a form of change

The past, and the next second, the experience, and the hunger, joy, and its intermittent absence, everything, everything seems to be the resilience which demands repetition, not to preserve life but to live it — in composed sounds, in uttered words and their placement, in the gentle push to invest mind, spirit, and flesh, even… Continue reading Repetition is a form of change

Prolonging Transcendental States

“Transcendent states are often desperately short-lived: a few moments late at night or at dusk; on a plane or train journey across wide open country. But we can, through certain ingredients (especially lavender, cardamom, turmeric, and cinnamon), access them a little more systematically and thereby loosen the grip of our insistent egos.”In “Thinking & Eating”,… Continue reading Prolonging Transcendental States

Celebration Day — twenty-one

The Genesis of my peripheral attention is unknown to me. The term has been a familiar one since my childhood but at some point, perhaps through a self inflicted period of auto investigation, after two decades trusting a higher power, I look deeper and wider, breathe deeper and wider, my taste penetrates clearer and wider.… Continue reading Celebration Day — twenty-one