Celebration Day — twenty-one

The Genesis of my peripheral attention is unknown to me. The term has been a familiar one since my childhood but at some point, perhaps through a self inflicted period of auto investigation, after two decades trusting a higher power, I look deeper and wider, breathe deeper and wider, my taste penetrates clearer and wider. If the periphery is only secondary to my focus, my eyes, ears, mind soul, my existence is a thin one, and can only account for a weak life.

Mexican cinnamon

Is it pedantic to underline the cinnamon taste with the importance of understanding that there are different experiences, simply due to the fact that Mexico, Vietnam and Sri Lanka all deliver different spheres of the cinnamon taste spectrum? Is it not of great value to understand or consider that if tasting on earth gets little attention, tasting in paradise will be extremely overwhelming, in fact possibly impossible?

Even tiny worlds are universes.

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