Moods around a reduced fig

The figs were bought for the fact that they are figs. What to do with them, and how to prepare them, that was secondary. A couple of days ago they were on my plate as a contrast to the polish sausage, after being in a long heat bath with spices until the vodka was reduced.… Continue reading Moods around a reduced fig

A 1/5 Breakfast

Some like security. I like an unpredictable balance. At times many days preparing the same, other times going for the widest spectrum. That could be a warm soup to begin the day; it might be rolled oats with apple juice; other days bacon on toast; it may be my homemade cornbread. Today it was firstly… Continue reading A 1/5 Breakfast

Baked Pears

At the supermarket, I spotted some pairs, and remembered a sweet dish I baked in London in 2010. Pears baked in wine / London UK, 2010 In fairly similar fashion, it happened last night.  three pairs, cut in halvestwo cups of Chardonnayone cardamom pod, groundone star anise, groundone clove, ground½ inch of a vanilla pod,… Continue reading Baked Pears