Joy from the Past

When an experience occurs through the palate, a unique physical and spiritual state will arise. It will sensitize memories into references of the present, and transport one back to the past. Subsequently, some otherwise unreachable memories may leave oblivion. After all, what is the organic and biological sense of memory storage, if there are no… Continue reading Joy from the Past

The Himmas Kassa Process

lemons in salt chickpeas cinnamon, coriander, black pepper, cumin, caraway garlic and ginger added some lemon juice parsley, mint, olive oil and the chickpeas added, and pounded to a paste... garnished with rose petals, salted lemons, olives, cinnamon, pistachios, and more olive oil

Celebration Day — twenty-two

On this day of celebration I began working last year. After the planning began, the first physical step was realized on December 31st, as I put four lemons in a salt bad. Here is to the hummus from ancient times. Himmas kassa — hummus recipe from ancient Iraq, accompanied by Matzos

Rose Petals

organic rose petals A rose is a rosePoetry LoveLuxuryPerfume MedicineMemoriesCelebration Symbol for rebirthWarTendernessBorn from the tears of Aphrodite, and the blood of AdonisThirty-five million years old and rose petals will be part of this himmas kassa, the hummus I am currently preparing References: 1800flowers / University of Illinois web extension

Hummus — himmas kassa, part #2

There is a special physical and spiritual state which arises when an experience occurs through the palate, while the mind finds a romantic bind to the past. Call it joy. Looking to experiment, and build on that state, today I continue to the next step in the process of making a hummus, based on an… Continue reading Hummus — himmas kassa, part #2

chick peas, sesame seeds, fresh mint, olive oil, caraway, coriander, black pepper, fresh ginger root, cinnamon, walnut, lemon juice, wine vinegar, salt, salted lemon, pistachio, parsley, cinnamon, garlic, and rose petals

If you wish to accompany me in the composition of a very old-fashioned hummus, begin gathering the ingredients. I plan to prepare it during the first 2021 week.

A True Hummus Story

A tiny, feather light, light blue, whitePaper, cotton, or plasticI did not knowI did know, it did not belong.With one hand I lifted some chickpeas, thinkingI’ll blow it gentlyOne thought led to another:Ludwig van Beethoven counting sixty coffee seedsas his measure for a cup of coffeeand as chickpeas and others replaced itwhen King and Church… Continue reading A True Hummus Story