Joy from the Past

When an experience occurs through the palate, a unique physical and spiritual state will arise. It will sensitize memories into references of the present, and transport one back to the past. Subsequently, some otherwise unreachable memories may leave oblivion. After all, what is the organic and biological sense of memory storage, if there are no instruments available for memory recall?

This palate liveliness instigates the mind into finding us a romantic bind to parts of what we have summed up to be so far, in joy, and in pain. However, the more we mind such possibilities, joy clearly surpasses pain. Therefore, these palate experiences will mostly contribute to joy, and to joy which is repercussive, as I have a short list of the best meals I have had in my life, going back over a quarter of a century.

Such joy creates a transcendental bridge into our subsequent becoming.

Herein lies the essence of finding ancient windows into the immaterial, like the wonderful recipe I have been alluding to for the last weeks which I found through the Iraqi food historian and scholar, Nawal Nasrallah. During my Boston years in the early 1980s, I became familiar with hummus, and other foods from the Middle East. This COVID period has allowed me to go deeper into my habits and creativity in the kitchen, and after having absorbed several hummus tries, a new world has now revealed itself. In researchers fashion, she is providing a platform through which we may enhance much of what we are. It is impossible to read such recipes, and remain the same.

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