A complex simplicity in reference to childhood memories on taste

A spiritual and intellectual approach to eating has been a focus as of late. This approach is by no means a new phase but rather a zooming-in by way of reduction being dramatically intensified — more singularity per dish, as opposed to a variety of up to five items on a plate, and items being… Continue reading A complex simplicity in reference to childhood memories on taste

Third possibility

It seems as though the main usage of unripe walnuts is for the maceration process, aiming for wine or liquor, as it is tradition in a number of European regions. A further use is for the Greek specialty glyko karydaki, a sweet fruit preserve, as opposed to the savory green walnut pickling. For the drinks,… Continue reading Third possibility

Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)

Focus has been comfortably a thing of mine — not as a concept one reasons into place, rather a mindset that apparently naturally finds itself in a center.This “separatism” can be seen as an aesthetic but also spiritual exercise aimed at displaying focus, and auto-feeding from it.These chickpeas were soaked overnight, and slow-cooked with a… Continue reading Separatist Meal (Chickpeas)