Let me tell you a story

It is not the most beautiful one I have told, not the most inspiring, not the most moving to the listener but it did take place in front of my eyes. Because of what I saw, what I wanted, what I did, and what I tasted, it is a story.

Man is not propelled by hunger alone, and it is not the stomach that demands beauty and quality. It wants content, and somewhat uncritically so, as long as mouth and nose are protecting it attentively. Man is unmeasurably more than hunger. And this is where the story begins. It is a brief summary of the motions which an animal goes through, if the animal is at least attempting to be noble.

The joy of eating is not joy to the stomach. Evidently, this applies to drinking, or the tasting of tobacco smoke just the same. To be joyful includes a long process which begins before birth, and never ceases to measure and make adjustments, based on want, need, and a possible intrinsic desire to discover things anew. Part of this joy lies in contemplating where food comes from, perceiving its flavor, and the expectation and demonstration of how it nourishes ones being. Joy is to gather and prepare, to savor, and to digest.

Days ago I bought a pair of artichokes, and steamed them on the same day but kept one sealed in the refrigerator. That same day I bought a golden beetroot which has been resting moist and cooled. Yesterday I brought home some broccoli, three red beetroots, and shanks of lamb. The shanks took a long hot wine bath, and rested overnight.

The joy of gathering has been mine for decades. The beauty that surrounds me has been equally a source of joy, of inspiration, even to fly, physically and in thought. This might be my reason for wanting to capture but also give longer life to what I do and eat, through photography, the one that pre-created the view of a shallow deep red sea, with a gentle yellow island afloat. 

Days of preparation, hours of letting different flames transform flesh, fibers, and fluids, all came to a partial conclusion today, as I kept composing mentally, and finally tempering the different ingredients, before putting them on a plate, one also obtained yesterday for the purpose of eating more than for the stomach

Story told

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