While preparing for a fine rant on coffee

Throughout the world, the wondrous coffee is being celebrated this week. Different countries are honoring the plant, the fruit, the seed, the drink.

As this is a product that has been in my mind and palate for some decades, I will be doing a fine rant on Clubhouse in its honor. And while preparing, I chose a Cuban cigar a friend gave me months ago.

The Aristipposian Poet
Why Coffee?
celebrating the famous drink, seed, fruit, and plant
September 29 at 1pm EST
on Clubhouse

Some coffee celebration dates are:
V.24 Brazil
VI.27 Colombia
IX.29 Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ethiopia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, RSA, Sweden, USA, Poland, …
X.1 Australia, Germany, Japan, Mexico, UK, …

Variety: Bourbon
Farm: Las Delicias, Apaneca/Ilamatepec, El Salvador
Altitude: 1,500-1,700 meters
Blend: El Locho
Roaster: Crema, Nashville, TN

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