Love in the Times of Corona

(and I do hope that Gabriel García Márquez will excuse the misquotation)

Wash your hands / keep social distance / wear a mask / don’t make me wear a mask / protest rulings / inject bleach / take hydroxychloroquine / wait for vaccines / don’t ever make me take a vaccine

It saddens me greatly that the common feeling for the last five months revolves around ways to avoid and protest current burdens, instead of the revival of alternatives. Everything is being suggested but a focused nutrition and lifestyle to carry us through.

For months I have been living imprisonment in paradise. That is my simple solution, my mindset. Inventing in the kitchen is one way of maintaining liveliness, amidst the anguish and death others witness. BUT, do not neglect having a strong immune system in the first place. Citrus fruits, garlic, ginger, red peppers, and broccoli will do exactly that. Also adhering to a more alkaline diet, and less acidic is key.


These three toasts carry one garlic clove, each… and to accentuate paradise, avocado, Merlot salt, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil, and garlic, on sourdough toast.

One true feeling of paradise for me, has been the memory of some childhood dishes. Dipping slices of toast on fine olive oil, was — at least in my memory — a common breakfast. Fresh garlic and a pinch of salt floated on the oil. This is one variation: wild French lavender and espresso salt on this magnificent Californian olive oil from Napa Valley Naturals, or any high quality olive oil of choice.

Imprisoned in Paradise means to understand what it entails to make your individual state a paradise. Besides having an excellent assortment of oils, fresh herbs and fruits, seeds and greens, it is imperative to keep it simple. The goal is the palate experience, not a filled stomach.

— delight in the sun

— eat carefully

— avoid fatigue and worry

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