Celebration Day — eight

This celebration spree is by no means the beginning of my festive life. For decades I have been pointing to the importance of focused dwelling, and that is in itself a celebratory approach.

One of the main ingredients that have been central to my palate joy, on my quest for pleasure and holistic nourishment, is a specialty from the Austrian Styria region, and its vicinity. The cucurbita pepo var. styriaca is a pumpkin variety with hulless seeds which once roasted, are pressed to obtain an amazingly tasting oil, commonly referred to as seed oil (Kernöl) in Austria. Since my very first 1988 visit to Vienna, this oil is inherently present in my kitchen.

Try some drops on a Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, or fill the cavity of half an avocado, sprinkled with some salt.

Avocado, pumpkin seed oil, cumin, and salt, on a Lenox porcelain dish.

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