“Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf Wartburg” premieres 176 years ago in Dresden

“Tannhäuser” (“Tannhäuser and the Minnesingers' Contest at Wartburg”) the three act opera by Richard Wagner (music and libretto) premiered on October 19 1845, at the Königliches Hoftheater Dresden (Royal Court Theatre). Painting of Elisabeth praying for Tannhäuser, by Theodor Pixix (1831-1908)

Happy Birthday, Peter Maffay! 1949

Born in Romania but one of the most loved, successful and important pop musicians in Germany of the last 5 decades, Peter Maffay celebrates his birthday today. I must celebrate his work and life, with a bit of the music that has made him an important part of the German pop culture and spirit, since… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Peter Maffay! 1949