Multi-Dimensions of a Celebratory Day

Multitalented and multitasking frequently had a somewhat disturbing effect on my approach to life. I see it as inherently human to have a variety of abilities, talents, knowledge sources, and as equally natural to operate on a variety of levels and areas simultaneously. Hence, I find it a tad redundant pointing to these as exceptional accomplishments. As these days we have many things that need to be accomplished in synchronicity, the multi- has become more of an existential duty than an exclusive attribute. 

In the framework of the daily celebration I have been pursuing since the first of January of this year, it seems fitting to see celebration as a dwelling on the dwelling, dissecting the process of extended delight in what we eat and drink, by observing each layer as a fraction worth contemplating. In best nutritional and nourishing scenarios for eating and conversation, as well as in creative writing, and music writing and playing, nothing transpires instantaneously. These are all intrinsically multilayered processes, consisting of individual phases.

An example is the sharing of a future celebratory joy, while preparing for the same, and seeing the preparation as a significant part of the tasting moment in itself.

  • two days ago I bought figs and blueberries
  • today I mixed them with lavender, cloves, and cardamom, letting them simmer in sugar and white wine for a couple of hours, as the wine evaporated — Chardonnay, gin, rum, red wine, and stout, all were at my disposal
  • perhaps tomorrow I will experience the last reason for which the whole preparational process began
  • subsequently, the taste will include an awareness of the whole trajectory

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