A Good Morning is… that the Sun has not come up for nothing

Plantain (green banana) purée, marjoram, olive oil, black sesame seeds.

A good morning is a warm meal for comfort in a hearty plantain purée; a noble joy to the palate and to the soul, reviving the memory of a wonderful Indonesian rain season; accompanied by the glance at a book that spells out who we are, and revitalizes being, beyond what we have believed to be, clarifying that the sun has not come up for nothing — motivation exposed!

“…it may have been the discovery of roasting over an open fire that first made us what we are. If anthropologist Richard Wrangham is correct, this first act of cooking or roasting —- around 1.8 to 1.9 million years ago —- was the decisive moment in history: namely the moment when we ceased to be upright apes and became more fully human. Cooking makes most foods far easier to digest, as well as releasing more of the nutritive value. The discovery of cooked food left us with surplus energy for brain growth. Wrangham writes that “cooking was a great discovery not merely because it gave us better food, or even because it made us physically human. It did something even more important: it helped make our brains uniquely large, providing a dull human body with a brilliant human mind”.”

Bee Wilson
in “Consider the Fork —- A History of how We Cook and Eat” / Basic Books
Bee Wilson - *1974, Great Britain 
Food writer, journalist, historian, author.

Richard Wrangham - *1948, England
Anthropologist and primatologist.

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