to own

Accused of being in my own world while in the process of brewing coffee for a gathering of four, I continue to learn from days which transpired six years ago. The mindsets involved pop repeatedly into the present, and I continue to dissect the occurrence. Some humans do not understand that handling a simple matter (water, coffee seeds), is not merely based on the need for a drink; it is not an activity solely for the sake of celebratory tasting; and it is certainly hugely remote from what it means to consume. It is rather a mild but significant expression of the soul caring for every soul being served; it is the soul in the flesh being compelled to caress much more than flesh, even ether — all.

A major performance of nature is its vast array of flowers and fruits, with shapes, colors, and scents, freely provided to all who care to interact in the performance, be it for the mere pleasing, or for nourishment, either ingested or simply acknowledged. 

My “own world” is not a thing. Hence, I have increasingly been living a life that inspires and demands detailed attention — period!

Fresh and healthy basil leaves (left), and wilted ones (right).

During this October transition, I was trying to make my basil plant believe that fresh air would do well. Within two days it displayed a very different opinion through many wilted leaves. I cut several twigs and put the healthy leaves, large and tiny, in one of my olive oils.

Soon I will delight in a simple dish with this blend but I will also be once again reminded that concentration and dedication do not serve any world I might ever dare call mine. Paying attention is not seclusion but true inclusion, beyond matter. It did reach you, already.

Paesano organic olive oil, from Sicily, Italy, with fresh basil leaves / set on Oct. 29. 2020

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