The Life a you Give: Linda Ronstadt *VII 15 1946

Linda Ronstadt, born Linda Marie Ronstadt, July 15, 1946, in Tucson, Arizona, U.S.A., is the singer with a pure, expressive soprano voice and eclectic artistic tastes, whose performances called attention to a number of new songwriters and helped establish country rock music. After winning attention with a folk-oriented trio, the Stone Poneys, in California in… Continue reading The Life a you Give: Linda Ronstadt *VII 15 1946

Linda Ronstadt — in celebration (1946)

Jim Shea/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesLinda Ronstadt circa 1980. I have been doing rooms on Clubhouse where I dedicate a couple of hours to individuals and events which I find inspirational or important in our history. But there is a very special joy in being able to celebrate a person in life, not postmortem. It will… Continue reading Linda Ronstadt — in celebration (1946)

The beautiful thing about Beauty

It grows more, more often, and with more consistency than it dies. Celebrate! July celebrations on Clubhouse: 1 July 1804 George Sand — French novelist7 July 1860 Gustav Mahler — Austrian composer6 July 1887 Marc Chagall — French painter 10 July 1895 Carl Orff — German composer 6 July 1907 Frida Kahlo — Mexican painter18… Continue reading The beautiful thing about Beauty