The Life You Give: Carl Orff *VII 10 1895

Carl Orff, born July 10, 1895, in Munich, Germany, is the composer known particularly for his operas and dramatic works and for his innovations in music education.Orff studied at the Munich Academy of Music and with the German composer Heinrich Kaminski and later conducted in Munich, Mannheim, and Darmstadt. His Schulwerk, a manual describing his… Continue reading The Life You Give: Carl Orff *VII 10 1895

The beautiful thing about Beauty

It grows more, more often, and with more consistency than it dies. Celebrate! July celebrations on Clubhouse: 1 July 1804 George Sand — French novelist7 July 1860 Gustav Mahler — Austrian composer6 July 1887 Marc Chagall — French painter 10 July 1895 Carl Orff — German composer 6 July 1907 Frida Kahlo — Mexican painter18… Continue reading The beautiful thing about Beauty