Drink Matters

All my life I have been aware of reasons why individuals and societies turn to inebriating drinks. Mostly there are those looking to underline a state of joy and relaxation, and those wanting to subdue the state they are in. A gathered few might come up with a longer list, or subdivisions to the intention.

Some will simplify it to drinking because one is happy, and drinking because one is sad.

A new reason just manifested itself to me. In a state of deep sadness, one with a sense of loss, one of being at a precipice exposing a myriad of boiling questions, and some doubts, I chose to drink a glass of wine. It was not the thought of a glass to accompany the meal I was about to serve myself but much more one of serving a meal to accompany the wine.

I opened a bottle of Petite Sirah because in my state of inner discomfort, I wanted to caress myself. I wanted to smile at this troubled soul, with a gesture of compassion. I wanted to say to me, you are well; you are not happy, you are not facing the beauty of acceptance, success, free flying, and no mountain of easily accessible joys is embracing and carrying you. But you are vibrantly inquiring, you are unafraid of recalling passed pain, or of facing current constipation; you are unafraid of looking naked in the mirror. You are well in recognizing love.

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