Love is ingrained in the kitchen at the beginning, and grains of love are given back in the end

For the newly incarnated soul, love begins being fertile in the kitchen. Shades of anguish will likely manifest themselves there as well but much of the following decades the fleshed soul will spend falling and standing in love, will be tainted and significantly propelled by the hugs, kisses, bowl licking, smiles, tears, and conversations about the hearth.*

This week I am in the state of Arizona, visiting my mother, sister, and some family. And it seems only natural, beautiful, and almost a responsibility, to share all the joys and experiments that I have gone through in my kitchen in New York City, especially during the long social distancing period. Every single day since my arrival, have been also about the hearth -- constant conversation, eating.

One of the first steps was to share a focus of the last few months -- that blueberry-basil cornbread.

It was perfect
...and love is flowing
*from "Love Ingrained" (Oct. 26 2020)
blueberry-basil cornbread

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