Joy is a Secret

Joy is…

A secret

Repercussions out of deep root systems, reaching underground to the opposing pole, and far above, leaves, incessantly flying into the stratosphere

Danger sizzling

It is the physical and metaphysical space which we would recognize in paintings depicting heaven or paradise, even if we did not know of any heavenly or paradisial space or concept, and imagining that fear did not flow through our inner being, like Siegfried* lived without the faintest idea of what the word fear meant

It is a romantic memory in the kiss of my father, an in the smile with shut eyes of my mother

It is a tear, mildly bursting 

A reversed sense of missing

The memory of her soft, yet decisive soul

The verge in leaving imprisonment, taking the next step, while contemplating the new — remorse and inspiration implied

Joy defines nothing, encompasses not, and it is neither free nor freedom

*Siegfried is the title character of the third opera in “The Ring of the Nibelungen”, by Richard Wagner

This is a revised and enhanced version of an earlier post

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