Franz Schubert *I 31 1797 — The Life You Give

Franz Schubert, born Franz Peter Schubert on January 31, 1797, in Himmelpfortgrund, near Vienna, Austria, is the composer who bridged the worlds of Classical and Romantic music, noted for the melody and harmony in his songs (lieder) and chamber music. Among other works are Symphony No. 9 in C Major (The Great; 1828), Symphony in… Continue reading Franz Schubert *I 31 1797 — The Life You Give

Interrupted/Innerupted: Symphony No. 8, Franz Schubert

Take a moment, hook in your best pair of headphones, maybe even close your eyes, and listen to the first haunting bars of Franz Schubert’s “Unfinished” Eighth Symphony. It begins with a single, hushed melodic line in the low strings which quickly gives way to shivering violins and darkly pulsating bass pizzicati. Then, a lamenting… Continue reading Interrupted/Innerupted: Symphony No. 8, Franz Schubert

Two hundred and twenty-four years ago, Schubert

Today I continue to celebrate life in details but also in the joy that adds two men to the spirit of celebratory thankfulness — music. Besides the birthday of Philip Glass, there is plenty of reason for celebrating two hundred and twenty-four years today. Franz Peter Schubert, the young man who composed the “Winterreise” (Winter… Continue reading Two hundred and twenty-four years ago, Schubert