The Surreal Suppers — India, Music, Food, Health (part one)

India — Music, Food, Health was the third episode of the Surreal Suppers, an ongoing series in the Aristipposian Poet club on the Clubhouse app.The AP club was formed to promote a variety of activities that are to focus on the importance of humans serving humanity through the noble act of being hospitable by sharing their wisdom and talents.

Shashank Kansal and I hosted this room, as we conversed with passionate, knowledgeable, and fervent ambassadors of their nation, especially through their commitment to live in their own country.

  • Suket Dhir, fashion designer
  • Aanam M. R. Chasmawala, content creator
  • Mohit Singla, entrepreneur
  • Shereen Bharwani, content creator
  • Aniruddha Guha, screenwriter
  • and others

It was a privilege to listen to them, as they reacted with depth to my questions: How does it feel to be part of a wealthy culture and tradition that the whole world has needed and appreciated for centuries, while being called third world? How does the Indian spirit persevere in the midst of western influences that contradict its very spirit? If delicious food is what has made us humans, as Rob Dunn and Monica Sanchez display in their book “Delicious”, which human is the Indian?

Rest assured, our conversation shall continue.

The Aristipposian Poet Club
Series: The Surreal Suppers
Episode: India — Music, Food, Health
May 18 2021
Hosts: Shashank Kansal, Sila Blume

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