Man and Flower

With a work I created for an exhibition at the Galerie Joachim Blüher (Cologne, Germany) in the mid 1990s, the interest for questions on human existence was revived. Blüher invited me to participate in a group exhibition he was preparing on the topic of flowers. My initial reaction was reluctance towards making flowers but I did agree, and began working on comparing the development of a flower to that of a human.

Flowers and humans develop under pressure. Both develop slowly, both grow to great extent dependent on their given circumstances. My goal was to address a specific difference in their existence and respective outcome. A bud is tightly wrapped for protection, before it begins to open up. Exposure makes it a flower, displaying attractive colors and often sharing its fragrance. And that is its climax. Once opened, its life as a flower will last until its form and beauty begin to fade.

Humans —- as I intended to address with the work — never reach a climax. They never reach completion, for their greatest act could be trumped by their next one, their natural goal is never beauty but an existence that is able to live beyond its own physical existence in thought, inspiration and productivity. The open flower is perfection in itself. The human (in) being is an effort which never finds death and never finds completion.

Being human in effort, in perseverance, in mastering circumstances, these are the joys of that inherent pulse to be noble, while being animal.

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