Corn — Pure and Enhanced

Three variables dictate what I do in the kitchen ninety-five percent of the time: what I do or wish to understand, what I want, and what I am interested in discovering or merely trying. The prevalence of the latter is high, since perfection is an illusion — completion never happens, and any finish line is bound to inspire a new start.

Late at night, a sudden inner wish arose but long baking hours was definitely not a wish. Luckily, cornbread is born in under an hour.

Curious about using only corn flour, instead of corn and wheat, I got one of the best surprises. The consistency is tight, not the common fluffiness, and it pleasantly reminded me of the Caribbean cornbread with raisins of my childhood. The greatest pleasure, however, was the outcome after having covered the surface of the dough with ripe black mission figs.

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