patience, handwritten (in German)

“Geduld” written with graphite on a vintage bottle

“Geduld” which translates from the German language into English as patience, is the word I used for my second writing performance in the early 1990s.

In an effort to give more meaning to a single action, I did several sound-performances which consisted of such acoustic writings, using a number of materials, words, phrases and sentences.

The overlapping through repetition of the same, does not only produce melodies and rhythm but reveals sketches, depending on the used materials.

During a period in which we see an alarming decrease of mechanical and hand movement amongst humans, I see it quite fitting to indulge on handwriting, on a day that has been labeled National Handwriting Day.

Feel free to join us on Clubhouse for conversational and performative exchange.

The Aristipposian Poet
National Handwriting Day
celebrating by handwriting
January 23 at 9:30pm EST
on Clubhouse

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