Personal Lexicon: Luxury

The general usage of luxury addresses an outer perception — through the self, or through others. Great societal comfort, and extravagant living are not inner states but external reflections.

While a dish like risotto was born out of the need of the Italian peasant, today it is a symbol of luxurious life, in part due to the understanding (and some wisdom) it requires for it to be made well, and also the complexity that is often achieved in texture and flavor for the perceptive palate. A well-prepared guacamole could be seen as luxurious for similar reasons. Such dishes are born from ingenuity, trial, experience, tradition, and dedicated cultural approach.

My wealth is within. My luxury is in an inner standing, backed by deep breathing.

This means, for example that a tasty avocado, on its own, cut in half, without the history and mastery of the Nahuatl cuisine which gave birth to the guacamole family of sauces, is able to create a sense of pure, inner luxury for that perceptive mind, and its palate.

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