The Ways of a Super-taster — a Clubhouse Event

Taste is the sense which puts us in contact with savorous or sapid bodies, by means of the sensation which they cause in the organ destined to appreciate them.

This sense, which can be excited by appetite, hunger, and thirst, is the basis for several operations which result in a man’s growth and development”

Taste can be considered under three different headings:

In physical man it is the apparatus by which he distinguishes various flavors.

In moral man it is the sensation which stimulates that organ in the center of his feeling which is influenced by any savorous body.

Lastly, in its own material significance, taste is the property possessed by any given substance which can influence the organ and give birth to sensation”

Taste seems to possess two main functions.

(1) It invites us, by arousing our pleasure, to repair the constant losses which we suffer through our physical existence.

(2) It helps us to choose from the variety of substances which Nature presents to us those which are best adapted to nourish us”

Excerpt From / The Physiology of Taste / Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Join us for a conversation with Shiran Witt

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