In an unbearable lightness, and bearable heaviness of a legitimate painless suffering which suddenly surfaces.

Suddenly I experienced a level of painless suffering I never knew before. 

Since a very early age, the furnishing in my home included at least a piano. I played with it regularly — physically and mentally. But the portable simplicity of a guitar always attracted me. As a left handed person, however, my exploration possibilities were limited to minutes, whenever I found a guitar in someone else’s home.

Today I saw a picture of a guitar in a cozy, romantic, intimate setting, and I suffered. I believe it was painlessly.

A common talk tends to be about the need for love, a need for signs of love, humans needing love expressed to them. Myself, I feel a greater need to address the beauty and inner joy of expressing, sharing, giving love. What is greater than sitting for hours at the piano, delighting and loving those listening? What is freer than to climb a mountain, and serenade nature, and any perceptive soul, with guitar strings? What is more majestic than striking and swaying with a bow over violin strings in the midst of a busy city street, while ears anywhere near can not resist forcing the brain to force the legs to stop walking?

Suddenly, today, I suffered painlessly, as decades flashed in my mind, sensing me serenading the world with the talent, and energy which may be expressed through a guitar, being the guitarist I have never been, just for the sake of caressing the world with love.


Sila Blume / March 6 2021

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