One Hundred Days

Thank you!

To the several hundreds that have graced me as my readership of many topics and expression styles during the last one hundred days, I thank you.

On August twenty-eighth of two thousand and twenty, I posted in for the very first time, and I sincerely thank you for being my audience.

My very first writings date back to the early 1970s, embedded in an adolescence trying to balance inner thoughts, with the ideologies of the strict Christian life I was born into. Twenty years I spent writing poems and prosa at pianos and organs, long before the internet world allowed me to express myself on musings on coffee and tea, out of Berlin, around 2007. Understanding that a new found interest for fine tobacco in 2013 could not be imposed on my coffee/tea reader, and that my interest topics were too varied, I stayed away from a single platform idea, until this summer.

Beginning in Spanish Harlem, New York

Love was my first love (and I genuinely feel sorry for those who call it music). With the presence of my mother and father, his sister and his mother, through words, hugs and magnificent food from all, I was given the very first bed in which to accommodate the love within me, and my physical self. There, in New York’s Spanish Harlem of the late fifties, began my first exchanges with signs of love.

Out of those many energetic initial exchanges, life was set in physical and metaphysical motion, instigating interests, questions, experiments, compositions, performances and writings on a range of human conditions. These have become my dutiful body of work, for they shape the center and expression forms which touch and move me. In part, they are an effort to soothe pains caused by mistakes of the past. But much more than that, they are fruit of my understanding that the true value of an individual entity lies on duty, rather than on rights and demands.

In retrospect, music and gastronomy were my second loves. Today, I know that those were mere aesthetic expressions and impressions of the truly fundamental forms of being, through which we can allow love to be manifested: conversation and life.

This might explain the content choices for this young site I am mildly celebrating.



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