From Flower to Flower

a conversation excerpt - 10.3.2020

Beauty aplenty! 

Everywhere, on every level 

inanimate and lively

still and torrential

light and heavy

And I always have this urge to dissect and experiment with what I am, with what I witness around me — food, music, thoughts turned words, words turned thoughts

Relaying, relating, relationships, conversations 

All make me ask, and ask

instead of swallowing whatever is on the table

Asking less them 

but myself. 

Yet, I am no protester, no revolutionary soul.

I merely delve with mind and soul to motorize every bit that touches me, and that which I wish to touch

And the heart — or whichever organ that may be — should caress all.

Increasingly sad, I find we continue to opt for destruction, abuse, greed, and that compels me to continue my critical asking.

But I am intrigued, inspired, as myriads of opportunities are there to grow in the center of any criticism I pursue.

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