kale’i, tona

Wisdom, science and culture, all seem to agree that the mother who gave birth in her highlands to the coffea berries, through flowering shrubs and trees of the Rubiaceae family, was the beautiful Ethiopia.

Today, the traditional Ethiopian coffee rituals continue vibrantly. These entail the whole process needed to brew a cup of coffee — roasting, grinding and brewing, in the presence of the guest. The ritual calls for three spiritually meaningful servings, all obtained from the same seeds:

awel or abol

kale’i or tona


Also today, I had the impulse to repeat a brewing with the same coffee grounds. No, I am not overwhelmed by poverty; I will never cease to evolve. At times, this could mean reversing, in order to progress.

Needless to say, it is a different brew. And, yes, it has a future, and a tasty one, knowing the unavoidable palate and cognitive subjectivities.

My Ethiopian kale’i/tona / 10.14.2020

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