Leontyne Price *II 10 1927 — The Life You Give

Metropolitan Opera audiences began an extraordinary love affair with American soprano Leontyne Price immediately upon her debut on January 27, 1961. She was by then an internationally heralded singer and an experienced, refined musician and artist. But more than anything, it was the sheer beauty of her voice that excited her listeners. What they heard… Continue reading Leontyne Price *II 10 1927 — The Life You Give

Happy Birthday, Mary Violet Leontyne Price!!!

Leontyne Price stood like a fortress, her hands in another intertwined, her voice streaming as strong, distinct, and colorful as bells from a cathedral telling time to believers and non-believers all the same. A clear sign of patience is hearing her phrasing and seeing her face expand. Think of the iconic three minutes following her… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Mary Violet Leontyne Price!!!

A Requiem on Arrival

What happens to a newborn when touched, impressed, moved by the depth of music but without the release of tears? Where does the intensity land?