pinna this!
Like flavor to the palate needs acceptance, so does sound to the ear. This club is to focus on things which are a bit more demanding on the ear — so, pinna this!

* live performances
* deep listening
* acoustics
* experimental

– noun
pin·na | \ ˈpi-nə \plural pinnae\ ˈpi-ˌnē, -ˌnī \ or pinnas
• a projecting body part (such as a feather, wing, or fin)
• the largely cartilaginous projecting portion of the external ear
• conducive to the inner ear, in which, with the judgment of other body parts — in flesh and beyond it — they absorb ball, piano, voice, drill, lion, or bird sounds, and arbitrarily calling these music, sound, noise…

Opera Blood and Tears
Opera was born in the 16th century in Italy to revive the Greek drama. Today it is alive and well. It is beauty, poetry, history. It is in our blood, apt to bring tears and plenty of conversations.
Opera, Blood, and Tears has two main goals:
• share with knowledgeable minds, musicians, composers, musicologists, and enthusiasts, all the beauty that leads to, and comes from the world of Opera
• motivate all others to begin their wonderful journey towards loving Opera

— interrupt: to be stopped, hindered by another person; to break someone else’s flow, uniformity, pattern, continuity; to block the actions of another
— innerupted: to erupt from within, to interject one’s own state, to abruptly change oneself

The Aristipposian Poet
a salon for the joy of the mindful
a point of view
a balance between raw nature and the civilized mind
an epitome for a gathering to serve and be served.

The Aristipposian Poet is based on the concept of hospitality — the ancient multi-layered approach to social responsibility amongst humans, as fortress for the protection of the Guest.