Difficult Morning

Weird, strange, unusual —- all terms which seem to me quite inaccurate labels for things we are either not accustomed to or lead us to somewhat uncomfortable states.

Which might be the “right” time of the day to absorb such moments, especially those of the musical type?

Before going to bed, the common thought is that relaxation precedes best the hours for a rested sleep. The middle of the day tends to be an active period for external production.

Challenging music may be often composed and performed for the listener to pay attention to detail. What better time is there to become awake, and have the attention to absorb detail than that of the morning? And which activity might work better than caffeine to begin the day?

—- difficult morning listenings

Difficult Morning is a new series on Clubhouse. The first room will be in pinna this!, a house dedicated to the importance of challenging the hearing through uncommon music.

pinna this!
Difficult Morning
Béla Bartók / Charles Ives / Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji
May 25 at 11am EST
on Clubhouse

Difficult Morning Listenings / May 25 2023

– Cantata Profana, by Béla Bartók
– The Unanswered Question, by Charles Ives
– Toccata from Organ Symphony No. 2, by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji

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