Loriot *XI 12 1923 — The Life You Give

German for "Oriole," Loriot was the nom de plume of humorist, actor, writer, and widely popular artist Vicco von Bülow. Born in November of 1923, von Bülow worked under the aforementioned pseudonym for his entire career, creating a number of characters and works that would elevate him to the status of one of Germany's most beloved comedians. His cartoon dog Wum would prove to be one of his most popular characters, and resulted in a number of songs and television appearances. In 2001, Loriot was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Wuppertal, to go along with a vast number of awards and plaudits from critics, academics, and fans alike. He was also adept at other artistic endeavors, conducting the Berlin Philharmonic for their 100th anniversary gala, as well as staging a number of operas.

—- Chris True / Source: all music

The Aristipposian Poet
celebrates the life in humor of
November 12 at 1pm
On Clubhouse

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