sending you a very different hug, now

At a given time, in the most concise bundle of energy, of emotions, as the lightest of gestures possible, in the shortest form we have ever been able to convey — an sms, a short text — I may send you a hug

Such a short message differs greatly from the use of the phrase at the very end of a written letter delivered to your door by a carrier. It differs from the same phrase I may speak in concluding a telephone conversation, after covering an array of topics dear to you, dear to me, dear to us, and dear to that third identity which exists through you and I together — not a plural but a singular out of a plural

I send you a hug may be a gentle touch, a mild smile — a Mona Lisa

I send you a hug may be a mountain range, a hug as an armor, wishing to protect you

I send you a hug may be a strong, yet gentle wind, to lift you, carry you, place you above all that troubles you, to put you beneath all that could ever blow your essence away, not to bind you but to root you into being all

A hug may create an unshakable butterfly

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