Love is not personal

When a kiss vibrates from lips onto a cheek, 
onto other lips, 
onto willing hands, 
in love
When a caress softens the caressing hand, 
and the touched 

When with eyes and pelvis a body in penetration shakes, 
do not take it personally. 

Sharing signs of love happens from one towards another. 
And yet, love itself is an inner draw towards all, 
an unavoidable magnet we all seem to succumb to, 
gladly with smiles, 
or with passionate tears.

Whenever eyes, 
whenever any of them takes onto the soul and body of another, 
the expression is not a personal one. 
Its manifestation appears to be for the recipient 
but it is for all, 
and it comes from all.
Sings of love spring from one to another but love is not personal. 

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