Dear Fanny (liebe Frau Mendelssohn-Hensel)

Today I opened a room on Clubhouse to celebrate your birthday and your life, by sharing some of the music you composed.

Clubhouse is one of those modern things that humans have been participating in for almost two years. We comunícate worldwide in conversation through our modern technology which allows us to exchange thoughts from long distances.

Another modern thing we humans have now is Google. That system allows us to search things we are interested in on what we call the World Wide Web. That is the system allowing us to communicate around the world anytime of the day.

Interesting enough, although as a woman you were not allowed to publish your music in your days, today that same Google showed you and celebrated you all day. In other words, 216 years after you were born, millions of us are celebrating you.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!

Google page on November 14 2021, celebrating Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel on her birthday (1805)

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