Where do I come from? Where am I going?

Those do not appear to me to be the sense, purpose or basis for thinking, believing, and being.

Being here, now, present, attentive, responsible, that is to me the space in which I ought to develop my talents, vibrate fully, dive deep, search to learn, here, now.

To think to know where I come from, may lift my conviction of understanding something. To think to know where I am going, may allow me to feel an enhancement to my physical and mental presence.

But the simple man, working the soil, and procreating other beings — just that — without aiming to know what was, and what will be, such simple man can be a manifestation of greatness — simply greatness — in being here, now, present, attentive, responsibly, fully, diving deep in now, in the self, in the surroundings of the self, searching, learning what one is, in the essence of now, even without knowing or even questioning the source and the future.

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