The Imprisoned in Paradise School for an all encompassing Life with Circumstances

A fear began to simmer as twenty/twenty began. Twenty twenty is a symbol of good vision — actually, a common measurement for average good sight. By March, the entire globe was hiding, like true globalism in unexpected fashion. Very soon I embraced the idea of being imprisoned in paradise. Limitations became the opportunity to unfold, grow, rejoice, experiment, live. The precious sudden gift of being able to dwell was much greater than thinking about the delusion of patience in a dormant state.

The Metropolitan Opera of New york, along with Opera houses and companies throughout the world, began to stream daily performances. Paradisal imprisonment is by no means an overblown concept.

I have my preferences. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a highly gifted music mind but my father, brother, friend and mentor in music spheres is Richard Wagner. Last week, the Metropolitan Opera streamed Mozart works, and this week is Wagner.

I am no longer imprisoned but most certainly in paradise — today with the legendary likes of Hildegard Behrens, Jessye Norman, Christa Ludwig, Gary Lakes, James Morris, and Kurt Moll, under the direction of the all time Wagnerian Maestro, James Levine, in a 1989 performance of Die Walküre. For ears, intellect, soul, body… Beauty will be riding for four more hours!

If you wish to enjoy it:

And it was almost to the date a year ago (September 30) that the Diva Norman had to give up her plan of taking on the Russian Opera.

After I heard the news… 2019, at Kunst Coffee Haus, Bayside, NY

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