Martin Scorsese *XI 17 1942 — The Life You Give

Martin Scorsese, born Martin Marcantonio Luciano Scorsese, November 17, 1942, Queens, New York, U.S.), American filmmaker known for his harsh, often violent depictions of American culture. From the 1970s Scorsese created a body of work that was ambitious, bold, and brilliant. But even his most acclaimed films are demanding, sometimes unpleasantly intense dramas that have… Continue reading Martin Scorsese *XI 17 1942 — The Life You Give

Paul Hindemith *XI 16 1895 — The Life You Give

Paul Hindemith, born November 16, 1895, in Hanau, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the one of the principal German composers of the first half of the 20th century and a leading musical theorist. He sought to revitalize tonality—the traditional harmonic system that was being challenged by many other composers—and also pioneered in the writing… Continue reading Paul Hindemith *XI 16 1895 — The Life You Give

Fanny Mendelssohn *XI 14 1805 — The Life You Give

Fanny Mendelssohn, born Fanny (Cäcilie) Mendelssohn (-Bartholdy, married name Fanny Hensel), on November 14, 1805, Hamburg [Germany], is the pianist and composer, the eldest sister and confidante of the composer Felix Mendelssohn.Fanny is said to have been as talented musically as her brother, and the two children were given the same music teachers. Felix readily… Continue reading Fanny Mendelssohn *XI 14 1805 — The Life You Give

Loriot *XI 12 1923 — The Life You Give

German for "Oriole," Loriot was the nom de plume of humorist, actor, writer, and widely popular artist Vicco von Bülow. Born in November of 1923, von Bülow worked under the aforementioned pseudonym for his entire career, creating a number of characters and works that would elevate him to the status of one of Germany's most… Continue reading Loriot *XI 12 1923 — The Life You Give

Fyodor Dostoyevsky *XI 11 1821 — The Life You Give

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, born Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky, Dostoyevsky also spelled Dostoevsky, on November 11 [October 30, Old Style], 1821, Moscow, Russia, is the novelist and short-story writer whose psychological penetration into the darkest recesses of the human heart, together with his unsurpassed moments of illumination, had an immense influence on 20th-century fiction.Dostoyevsky is usually regarded as… Continue reading Fyodor Dostoyevsky *XI 11 1821 — The Life You Give

Greg Lake *XI 10 1947 — The Life You Give

As a singer and instrumentalist, Greg Lake had his greatest success and influence in the progressive rock outfit Emerson, Lake & Palmer and, before that, as a founding member of the original King Crimson. He was also reasonably popular as a solo artist working in more of a hard rock idiom. As a boy, growing… Continue reading Greg Lake *XI 10 1947 — The Life You Give

Friedrich von Schiller *XI 10 1759 The Life You Give

Friedrich Schiller, born Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller, Nov. 10, 1759, in Marbach, Württemberg [Germany], is a leading dramatist, poet, and literary theorist, best remembered for such dramas as Die Räuber (1781; The Robbers), the Wallenstein trilogy (1800–01), Maria Stuart (1801), and Wilhelm Tell (1804).Friedrich Schiller was the second child of Lieut. Johann Kaspar Schiller and… Continue reading Friedrich von Schiller *XI 10 1759 The Life You Give

Thomas Quasthoff *XI 9 1959 — The Life You Give

Thomas Quasthoff, born November 9, 1959, in Hildesheim, Germany, is the singer whose powerful bass-baritone voice placed him among the preeminent classical vocalists of the late 20th and early 21st centuries.Quasthoff was born with severe disabilities, the result of his mother’s having taken the drug thalidomide during her early pregnancy as a treatment for morning… Continue reading Thomas Quasthoff *XI 9 1959 — The Life You Give