-ing forms


These constitute the mortal and immortal, physical and metaphysical, spiritual and carnal. Combined, they may be identified as the individual entity, and are the basic harmonious set, demonstrating the organic simplicity, and greatness of a human in the process of being.

Eating, drinking, and sensual intake are daily apertures to joy, supporting physical and mental maintenance. Thinking (like feeling) elevates our organic presence, enabling us to digest, decide, and organize life, and reach higher cognizant levels in appreciating and understanding our existence. As a result, as a temporary pseudo climax, we do sing (speak, scream, discuss), in order to express and share our sum.

In dwelling on these activities as separate abilities, I see an opportunity to steer the process of being, allowing more focus on what moves and motivates the individual beyond recognizing a static “to be”, through the lively, playful, and challenging attitude that the perpetual -ing form conveys.