Rod Stewart **I 10 1945 — The Life You Give

Over the course of his career, Rod Stewart has been lauded as the finest singer of his generation; he's written several songs that turned into modern standards; he's sung with the Faces, who rivaled the Rolling Stones in their prime; and he's had massive commercial success. He's one of rock & roll's best interpretive singers… Continue reading Rod Stewart **I 10 1945 — The Life You Give

The Man Who Fell to Earth /

"The Man Who Fell to Earth" 1976 Directed by Nicolas Roeg, Screenplay by Paul Mayersberg, based on the novel by Walter Tevis A strange creature from another planet falls to earth. His arrival is seen by a mysterious observer. Is the witness a CIA agent, a scientist, a psychic, or a believer in extraterrestrial beings?… Continue reading The Man Who Fell to Earth /