Raw Beetroot on Risotto

It took decades to understand the beauty of a beetroot. I believe not to be the only person to have been perverted by being exposed to this root in its cooked, or preserved state, rather than knowing it as a raw ingredient, intaking it for its vibrance, rich taste, and intense hue. Today it occurred… Continue reading Raw Beetroot on Risotto

Enrique Jorrín *XII 25 1926 — The Life You Give

Enrique Jorrín, born in Candelaria, Pinar del Rio, Cuba, on December 25, 1926, is the composer, violinist and band director, famous as the inventor of a style of Cuban dance music called cha-cha-chá.At an early age, his family moved to the El Cerro neighborhood of Havana, where Jorrín was to live for the rest of… Continue reading Enrique Jorrín *XII 25 1926 — The Life You Give