More Saxophones on Sax’s Day!

Because of the joy in listening to some of the sounds which some individuals have created with the saxophone, as we did some hours ago on Clubhouse, we are scheduling a second session dedicated to saxophone music. This time with a focus on classical music. The Aristipposian Poetcelebrates the life in music of Adolphe Saxwith… Continue reading More Saxophones on Sax’s Day!

Looking over to the corner with fresh rosemary needles, water boiling, and garlic seeming right — as medicine, and as joy to the palate

— the pestle in the mortar created this dense paste which later dissolved in a small bath of fine olive oil, before the nine minutes expired for the spaghetti, and just before being wrapped in taste and aroma…

Adolphe Sax *XI 6 1814 — The LifeYou Give

Adolphe Sax, born Antoine-Joseph Sax, November 6, 1814, in Dinant, Belgium, is the maker of musical instruments and inventor of the saxophone.Sax was the son of Charles Joseph Sax (1791–1865), a maker of wind and brass instruments, as well as of pianos, harps, and guitars. Adolphe studied the flute and clarinet at the Brussels Conservatory… Continue reading Adolphe Sax *XI 6 1814 — The LifeYou Give