The Life You Give: Twyla Tharp *VII 1 1941

Twyla Tharp, born July 1, 1941, in Portland, Indiana, U.S.A., is the dancer, director, and choreographer known for her innovative and often humourous work.Tharp grew up in her native Portland, Indiana, and in Los Angeles, and her childhood included comprehensive training in music and dance. While a student at Barnard College, she studied at the… Continue reading The Life You Give: Twyla Tharp *VII 1 1941

A lesson on choosing lessons

The flower beauty of the catalpa tree is very short-lived. Shiny cherry-like, nut-like buds come to shine, just before the popcorn-like blossoms are popped, exposing within a couple of days the inner side of the previously inwardly folded petals. Once the flower opens up, one can clearly understand by the shape of the petals, why… Continue reading A lesson on choosing lessons