Some thoughts develop quickly into a sudden story

a beautiful lettuce head awaitsan avocado awaits imagined raw white asparagus with olive oilthought of colors: purple, green, whiteimagined the view on a plate where the colors and shapes are clearly denoted by sectionsthough I extremely seldom make sauces and dressings, I dressing seemed needed, wantedblue cheese, olive oil, scallions, and small prosciutto chunks —… Continue reading Some thoughts develop quickly into a sudden story

The Life You Give: Claudio Monteverdi *1567

Claudio Monteverdi, baptized May 15, 1567, Cremona, Duchy of Milan [Italy], is the composer in the late Renaissance, seen as most important developer of the then new genre, the opera. He also did much to bring a “modern” secular spirit into church music.Monteverdi, the son of a barber-surgeon and chemist, studied with the director of… Continue reading The Life You Give: Claudio Monteverdi *1567