The Life You Give: Ron Carter *1937

Ron Carter, born Ronald Levin Carter, on May 4, 1937 in Ferndale, Michigan, USA, is known for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992), House of Gucci (2021) and What Happens in Vegas (2008). He was previously married to Janet Hasbrouch. The epitome of class and elegance without the stuffiness, Ron Carter has been a… Continue reading The Life You Give: Ron Carter *1937

With Intent — Beetroot

Beta vulgaris Linnaeus What steers the direction of the intense? Such is the intensity of color, and structure of a beetroot that the individual reaction to it is bound to be devastation or elevation. What decides which will be? The beetroot, or the recipient of its qualities? Through cooking, or other procedures, the essential properties… Continue reading With Intent — Beetroot

The Life You Give: Bartolomeo Cristofori *1655

Bartolomeo Cristofori, born Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori, May 4, 1655, in Padua, Republic of Venice, Italy, is the harpsichord maker generally credited with the invention of the piano, called in his time gravicembalo col piano e forte, or “harpsichord that plays soft and loud.” The name refers to the piano’s ability to change loudness according… Continue reading The Life You Give: Bartolomeo Cristofori *1655