The Counter Tenor

Iestyn Davies is one of today’s most in-demand singers. And unusually for a top opera star, he’s a countertenor. We spoke to him about his unusual voice type in a beautiful 18th-century house in SpitalfieldsFirst things first: what is a countertenor?One question I'm often asked is “how high do you go?” Because people when they… Continue reading The Counter Tenor

The Life You Give: Johann Strauss *1804

Johann Strauss I, born March 14, 1804, Vienna, is one of the principal composers of Viennese waltzes.Strauss became a viola player in the dance orchestra of Michael Pamer, a composer of light music. Later he conducted the orchestra of Josef Lanner and in 1826 performed at the gardens of the “Zwei Tauben” the Täuberl-walzer, the… Continue reading The Life You Give: Johann Strauss *1804